Ranks are considered as player's level in Cosmic League. Every time you rank up with rank points, a rank is added into your Ranks.


Rank Name

Rank Length


Rookie League
Novice League 1-5 Rookie League is unlocked, followed by Prime League at level 5.
Steel League
Steel League 6-10 Hunting League is unlocked, followed by Haunted and Prime League: ZERO at level 10.
Chrome League
Chrome League 11-15 Master League is unlocked, along with its ZERO variant.
Titanium League
Titanium League 16-20 No longer obtaining extra rewards from Rookie League.
Silver League
Silver League 21-25 No longer obtaining Rank Points from Rookie League, Hunting League and Haunted.
Golden League 26-30
Star Rank
Platinium League 31-35 No longer obtaining Rank Points from Prime League and its ZERO version, and Golden League.
Crown Rank
Legendary League 36-40 Can only obtain Rank Points from Master League if you are top 3 > on score.(Need more infos)